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Dental Careers Foundation Dental Assistant career training program is designed to provide you with the education, training and experience you need to qualify for entry-level positions in this exciting field.

Dental Assisting Overview

Classes meet ten consecutive Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in a modern, state-of-the-art dental office. The Dental Assisting program is currently only offered on Saturdays either starting in January, April, or August. Training is both classroom and hands-on. Material is presented in a variety of ways to maximize learning. A minimum of twelve On-the-Job-Training Hours in our practicing dental office are required for graduation.

The program is designed to give our students a sound foundation of chairside Dental Assisting skills enabling them to enter the dental profession. The program is set up to ensure your success! With classroom training, hands-on practice in operatories, class discussions, written and reading assignments, quizzes and On-the-Job Training with real patients, our students experience learning in a positive environment.

All of our instructors and Directors have a personal interest in the future success of our students.

Course Outline

I. The Dental Profession
a. Roles, duties and responsibilities
b. Dental Specialties
c. Ethical and Legal Aspects

II. Dental Anatomy and Physiology
a. Tooth Numbering Systems
b. Dental Arches
c. Types and Functions of Teeth

III. Human Anatomy and physiology Related to the Jaw and Skull
a. Head and Neck Anatomy
b. Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity

IV. Four Handed Dental Assisting
a. Clinical Equipment
b. Delivering Dental Care
c. Dental Hand Instruments
d. Dental Handpieces

V. Anesthesia and Pain Control
a. Topical Anesthesia
b. Local Anesthesia Setup
c. Assembling the Local Anesthetic Syringe
d. Proper Disposal

VI. Moisture Control
a. Oral Evacuation Systems
b. Rinsing the Oral Cavity
c. Isolation of Teeth
d. Dental Dam

VII. Infection Control
a. Hand Hygiene
b. Protective Clothing
c. Protective Masks and Eyewear
d. Gloves
e. Latex Allergies
f. Waste Management in the Dental Office
g. Principles and Techniques of Disinfection
h. Principles and Techniques of Instrument
i. Processing and Sterilization
j. Methods of Sterilization
k. Handpiece Sterlization

VIII. Dental Radiology
a. Radiation Protection and Radiobiology
b. Minimizing Patient Exposure
c. Personnel Protection
d. Radiation Exposure and Monitoring
e. Terminology
f. Imaging Production
g. Image Evaluation
h. Imaging Equipment and Radiation Products
i. Radiation Production
J. Dental Positioning

IX. Clothing
a. Terminology and Abbreviations
b. Patient Record Forms
c. Rules and Standards

X. General Dentistry
a. Cavity Preparation
b. Amalgam Restorations
c. Composite Restorations
d. Cements and Liners

XI. Fixed Prosthodontics
a. Crowns and Bridges
b. Inlays and Onlays
c. Veneers

XII. Endodontics

XIII. Periodontics

XIV. Orthodontics

XV. Pedodontics

XVI. Oral Surgery

XVII. Impressions and Model Trimming
a. Types of Impressions
b. Materials and Trays
c. Procedure
d. Model Pouring and Trimming

XVIII.  Front Office Management
a. Telephone techniques
b. Appointment book control
c. Accounting Systems
d. Billing
e. Insurance

XIX. Job Interview and Placement Assistance

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