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The following Testimonials are from graduates of Dental Careers Foundation of Indianapolis. Additional testimonials are available.

“I have a wonderful job (as a chairside assistant) in a general dentistry practice….I realize now that without the basic skills I learned at Dental Careers Foundation, I would never have been qualified for the position I now am so proficient at.” HK – 1996 This former student ended up Office Manager at this two doctor practice for almost ten years. She is now an instructor of Chairside Dental Assisting.

“I have learned and experienced so much since working here….Eventually, Dr. B will be sending me to school for expanded functions….So THANK YOU for helping my dreams to come true! Enclosed you will find my business card.” JJE – 1997

“For years I have been looking for something meaningful, and Dentistry was the answer. The sky is the limit on how far I will go. Your school and office staff are top notch.” RB – 2003 RB worked in General Dentistry for two years and then found his niche at an Orthodontic office where he has worked for three years.

“I would like to express a few notes of thanks for teaching me the necessary skills in Dental assisting as well as Resume writing and Interview Techniques enabling me to secure a job as a Dental Assistant at SC Family Dentistry.” VB – 2007

“I think the true test of any school on how good it is, depends on whether you can actually get hired. Well, I can definitely verify that after only a few weeks of “trying,” I landed an outstanding career with a top-notch prosthodontist in the Carmel area! The skills I learned from your school have helped me tremendously.” JT – 2007

“When my airline job ended, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or what direction to take. After investigating dental Assisting and completing the Chairside Dental Assisting Program of Dental Careers Foundation, I landed a job in an Orthodontic Dental office. I find my new job rewarding and fulfilling! I love my new career!” VC, 2009

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